Atlantic States Telemessaging Association of America (ASTAA) is the oldest largest of the REGIONAL associations in the National  organization  ~ A.T.S.I.

The leadership ASTAA provides in creating TRAINING opportunities for Call Center employees and SUPERVISORS is a very valuable service for participating members along the East Coast from Maine to Florida.

The economy of TRAINING on a regional basis (travel, lodging, meals) makes it possible to create and upgrade the skills of employees in anyone's location!
Besides, the active membership always creates a stimulating and educational Annual Meeting format where a lot of nice people gather to share, give, learn and enjoy!  😎

Baltimore will be NO EXCEPTION!

~ Peter Orvis, Central Communications, Inc. 

We have been with ASTAA for a good number of years.  We find such groups very beneficial in helping us with problems that may arise and keep us from feeling so alone in the Answering Service world.  If we have equipment issues or things we don't know how to do, we all share in order to help keep each other going.  Everyone is always willing to share their knowledge, ideas and even training tips.  My theory and it seems as though others are on the same page is "Why re-invent the wheel"  If there is help out there, why not utilize someone else's expertise. 

We also participate in the conferences.  Some of our management team has even gone to the Spring Trainings and have come back recharged and ready to take on the world.  They get great ideas on how to handle the issues that supervisors run into.  They also get great tips for helping to keep the rest of the team charged up.  It is very helpful for them also to make contacts and know how to get help as well.  They learn that in supervisory positions that they are not the only one having the employee issues or challenges.  And they see that everyone is very giving and helpful. 
~ Cindy L. Krishak, ACE Answering Service

The Atlantic States Regional Association is a lot like the story of Goldilocks....."Ahhh, this association is just right!".
Great value for cost of membership.
Great value for training sessions during the year.
And great, great value for their Annual Fall Meeting.
Plus you do not have to be located in the Atlantic States to join!  

~ Tim Neville, StatCal

As a longtime member of ASTAA, Focus Telecommunications has enjoyed many of the benefits that ASTAA provides. The conferences are always top notch, with great speakers and very nice locations. The members are all committed to sharing ideas and helping others grow their business. I would recommend becoming a member, even if your company is not in the Atlantic State region. There is always something else that can be learned from our large variety of members! 

~ Jim Reandeau, Focus Communications